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As humans, we do our best day in and day out — but we weren’t designed to navigate every challenge alone. My job as a Christian therapist for adults, children, teens, parents, and families is to step in as a facilitator of transformation so you can restore lost connection, heal from past trauma, and reclaim the joy and freedom you’ve been craving. 


is take the first step towards

One of the strongest things you can do is take the first step towards                      

One of the strongest things you can do

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Craving to restore connection with children and teens in your care

Wanting biblical guidance concerning tragedy, trauma or life change

Craving a judgment-free, welcoming and inclusive environment

Therapy may be the next best step for you if you are...

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Wanting to process anxieties or current struggles

Looking for a safe space to process childhood hardships

Struggling with depression, intrusive thoughts, or depressive episodes

Therapy may be the next best step for you if you are...

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Feeling stuck in your personal or professional life

Struggling to manage your emotions or behavior

Experiencing relationship issues or difficulties with communication

Therapy may be the next best step for you if you are...

New Pathways Counseling is considered an out-of-network mental health provider, meaning we do not accept insurance directly. We can accept HSA cards or provide a copy of a paid invoice for you to submit to your insurance provider. Reimbursement from your insurance is dependent on the coverage provided by your insurance policy for out-of-network mental health providers. Some policies will reimburse you for out-of-network visits, either partially or in full, so it is worth contacting them to find out.

*Children and adults on grant funding are subject to different pricing. This must be established between the client and the counselor before grant funding begins.

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60 minute session: $75

(College Student discount)

60 minute session: $95

(Children ages 6 and older, parents, young adults)

Initial intake session: $115

Support Groups and Group Therapy

Trauma & EMDR Therapy

Counseling for Children with Exceptionalities & Their Families

Grief Counseling

Adoption & Foster Care Counseling

Therapy for Anxiety & Depression

New Pathways Counseling offers a variety of therapy modalities serving clients through various life challenges, including:

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Clinical Intern Pricing: $70

(Children under the age of 18 must have a parent-only intake before starting counseling)

As your therapist, my job is to help you look at your situation from a variety of perspectives to suggest next steps you may not have thought of before. 

01 / A Support Pillar

My job is to be a pillar of support you can trust to uphold you even when life feels challenging, shaky, and uncertain. You can trust in the security of our relationship.

a new path awaits