No matter what path you’ve taken or what has happened to you, there is always hope for a new route — a new pathway — with the right support, guidance, and resources. My passion and purpose is to walk with children, parents, and families through whatever is challenging them in this season — whether it is grief, addiction, anxiety, depression, or tragedy — so they can find joy again! 

I’m here to help you discover the       of healing.


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I'm Addison, a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, and I know it's hard in the midst of a storm to envision clear skies, but they will come. As your therapist, my job is to hold that belief for you, to offer relief in the moment, and help you discover a new pathway toward hope, healing, and growth.

as you walk toward healing.

I'll walk along side you

My life is the opposite of perfect and cookie cutter

And I want you to know that no one’s life is perfect — and there is freedom found in those imperfections. My job is to help you reclaim the beauty and joy that is in your own life so you can feel empowered to love and enjoy the things that matter most to you.

I can help

I understand

I'm a therapist who's been there, too.

My husband and I have been foster parents for over 5 years, having parented eight children from ages 0-8 years old. 

My husband and I adopted our son and daughter from the foster care system and have experienced the emotional roller coaster of loving and supporting a child from a hard place. 

I have walked through trauma growing up and in my adult life alongside parents, friends, and my husband. Death, addiction, divorce, grief — I’ve lived through it all, just like you.


I understand.

I’m one of only 18 licensed TBRI practitioners in Kentucky for children from hard places. Meaning, my first and foremost priority is to earn, honor, and continually work to deserve your trust.

I have an undergraduate degree in exercise science, and my masters in professional mental health. Meaning, I prioritize and support your holistic wellbeing — mind, body, and spirit.

I am EMDR certified, meaning I am uniquely able to help you navigate, process and heal from traumatic events under compassionate and protective support. 


I can help.

hi, I'm Ashley!

I'm Ashley, intern counselor at New Pathways Counseling. My undergraduate degree is in communication disorders from Murray State University. I am working towards obtaining a master's degree in clinical mental health counseling to become a licensed professional clinical counselor (LPCC).

My desire to become a counselor stemmed from my experiences in and through counseling. I understand the client side of counseling and have seen how it altered unhealthy cycles of thoughts and behaviors and brought forth healing, peace, and resolution in my life. These experiences and my passion for helping people understand their struggles, led me to this field. I also felt the Lord was asking me to walk in obedience. And because of this, I am experiencing the fruitfulness of this decision and the kindness of God through it all.

Currently, I am working as a substitute teacher at a local high school and am blessed with the ability to connect with students and invest in their lives in meaningful ways. It is my hope that I can do the same here in western Kentucky!

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family & friends, coffee shops, and antique stores. I look forward to the opportunity to walk alongside you or your child as you move towards healing!

Ashley | New Pathways Clinical Intern

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You don't have to go through it alone

Rather than adopting a cultural norm of wearing a mask to pretend like everything is just fine, I’ll walk alongside you as you learn the value and power of being vulnerable and honest.

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