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I work with individuals, families, parents and the children they love who are clinging to hope for connection, renewal, peace, and healing so they can become mentally healthy and exceedingly joyful.

and pave new pathways to 

Helping you move through life's challenges,

Christian Counseling for Adults, Children, Teens & Parents in Hardin, KY


✓ Attachment
✓ Addictions
✓ Life Changes
✓ Grief

New Pathways Counseling provides therapy and support from a welcoming and inclusive Christian perspective, for those struggling with:

joy, healing, and renewal.

Helping you find your path toward

✓ Anxiety
✓ Depression
✓ Parenting Challenges
✓ Behavior Dysregulation
✓ Trauma

  • Giving children who come from hard places a safe, therapeutic space to explore and define their life

  • Providing therapeutic and counseling services that are readily affordable to individuals, couples, families, and groups

  • By providing the opportunity to learn how to cope with life’s challenges

  • Working directly with new clients with sincerity and seriousness in the comforts of a low-trafficked office

  • Striving to strengthen the family unit through individual and parent counseling, support groups, and enrichment services

  • Giving you the resources, tools and strategies you need to thrive while pursuing what matters to you


  • Providing a safe space for you to be vulnerable and work toward mental clarity, health and freedom

  • Enhancing the mental health and emotional wellbeing of the community and build up the body of Christ by partnering in this healing ministry with the local church

  • Providing biblically-based, spirit-led counseling services that are completely free of judgment or bias



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Young adults



College students


and more!

Adopted / foster families

I'm Addison!

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I’m Addison, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) and founder of New Pathways Counseling, and part of my job (as I see it) is to break down the walls built by a culture that says counseling is just for people who are “messed up.” Nope. Counseling is for you and me, for your children and partner, for young adults and parents alike. Therapy helps us all thrive by showing us how to cope with life and pursue what we love. 

Living through tough mental health seasons, raising children, and being honest and vulnerable about life’s struggles isn’t easy — I know from firsthand experience. But, the more we try to push through and navigate hardship alone, the more difficult it can feel. My job is to help lift some of that mental, emotional, and spiritual load so you can step into a new season of hope and healing free from judgment! I’m not here to sit on the sidelines and simply listen as you talk about how tough life is, I’m here to go through this season with you because you deserve a therapist and a friend.

Not just along side you.

I'm here to do life

with you.

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